Daria Em's Artist's Statement

Accepting reality has always been my biggest struggle. Living in a fantasy world became a substitute for my unfulfilled life and a way to avoid the pain. The fears and failures I experienced made me develop a healthier way to cope with an anxiety in a form of visual storytelling. 


My attempts to remake memories into vivid stories lead to the birth of many animal and architectural characters and to a development of their inner psychology. These characters share my emotional state and remove the burden of staying silent working like a therapy. 


I use acrylics and markers on paper and oil on canvas to keep my paintings simple. Bold and bright colours on predominantly flat surfaces play a role of attracting various audiences. My aim is to make people empathise with my ‘clumsy’ characters that communicate their human like qualities through eloquent stories of struggle. 


Using anthropomorphism has allowed me to deal with my own psychological issues on a ‘safer’ field and expand my artistic potential. It has become the most straightforward way to achieve a mutual support and understanding with the outside world.